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Up Skill Your Product Team with Tailored Training

Noticed a Knowledge Gap in your Product Team capability that’s limiting your ability to reach your product goals?  Hit your product goals when you up skill your product teams with Product Rocket Tailored Training.  We design our training around you and your needs.  

With 10+ years of on the ground Product Management experience, our Product Experts can deliver tailored and relevant Product Training to Your Product Team.

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Why Choose Product Rocket Training?

Class Super training

Product Team Training

Supercharge your Product Team’s efforts with tailored Product training designed to uplift your whole Product Team and hit your Product Goals sooner. 


Zip Training

Tailored To Your Team’s Needs

We work with you to understand your Product Team’s Knowledge Gaps and design a training program with relevant real life examples, scenarios and exercises tailored to your Industry and Market, that your team can use immediately. 

Zip Training - Day 2

Flexible & On Your Schedule

Product Rocket training is available when and where you are!  

On site or via Zoom, we work to ensure your team encompasses the Product Mindset, understands and knows when to apply the relevant Product Processes and Tools to achieve sustainable Product Success.

Experts with Decades of Experience

Experts With Decades Of Experience

The Product Rocket Training Instructors have had over 10 years experience in Product Management across multiple industries and company stages.  From Start ups, Scales Ups and Corporate environments.  They’ve worked across Tech, Telco, Fintech, Proptech, Healthtech, Government, Marketplace, Ecommerce, Insurance and more. 

They come with real world Product Experience to up skill your Product Team.

Smokeball Team Training

Post Training Support

At the end of each training day, your team will receive the Training Material from the day, your own Miro board with the training exercises the team practiced AND ongoing slack support to help your team stay on track and achieve your organization’s Product Goals.

Proven Results

Proven Results

Product Rocket Trainers together have trained hundreds of people on the Product Management mindset, process and tool set. 

Join the Product Teams of Class Super, Smokeball and Zip and up skill your Product Team today 

Meet our Expert Trainers

What Your Product Team Will Learn

Your team will receive Product Management Training tailored to work on Knowledge Gaps. Topics are adapted to suit your organisations strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t see a topic you’re interested in? Let us know. Our Product Experts can tailor a Product Lesson to suit you.

Topics to choose from include...

Pick one or many topics and choose the level of depth appropriate for your team. Training can be as short as a few hours, to a few days. 

Please get in touch if you don’t see a topic you need help with.

Product market fit
Value of Design
SAAS Tool training
Vision, strategy
Data, measurement
Product ops
Team integration
Digital Delivery

Talk to us about training

Call 0422 710 710, schedule time on calendly or fill in the below from to get in touch

What to expect with Product Rocket

Understand your goals

We’ll talk with you, and whoever on the team is required to ensure the intended outcomes are clear.

Formulate a training plan

ProductRocket will offer an off the shelf or customized session or sessions based on your needs.

Pre-Training materials

If there is pre-reading, we’ll send this out ahead of our sessions to ensure we’re all ready.

Engaging delivery

One or more experienced Product Rocket facilitators (practicing senior PMs) will facilitate on the day(s).

After training support

We’re available to coach, mentor or reinforce the training content in the days, weeks, months to come.