Product Maturity Assessment

Get in touch today and we’ll take you through our product maturity framework, to see how you and your product org stack up against the best product teams.

What is Product Maturity Assessment?

Sometimes you only know what you know and in the craziness of fast-paced product development, things like innovation, research, excellence and growth can slip. 

Product Rocket consultants can help lend an impartial extra set of eyes and ears to assess the health, effectiveness and efficiency of your product organisation.

Our Product Maturity Assessments are a free rapid assessment.. Through hundreds of hours of practical product experience across a number of clients and product consultants globally, we’ve developed an assessment framework to allow you to get a quick litmus test of where your product, org and operations are against modern best practice being used in the world’s highest performing product organisations.


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How it works?

We’ll facilitate a quick-fire interactive workshop session with you consisting of focused questions about your product, organisation and product-ops and dig into the elements which will help us and you to determine where your gaps, pains and strengths are compared to best practice modern product practices for products and businesses like yours. Be prepared to face some tough questions and answer them honestly and transparently, the idea is to face reality with a growth mindset!

The workshop digs into some key pillars of a high-functioning product org:

          • Vision, Strategy & Deployment
          • Direction, clarity, focus and mechanisms
          • Data, measurement & research
          • Metrics, data tools, utilisation, accessibility & process integration 
          • Product Ops
          • Support, process development, tooling and continuous improvement, enablement
          • Team/discipline integration & Leadership
          • Cross functional collaboration, team attributes, composition and leadership
          • Delivery
          • Agile, scrum/kanban, measurement, tooling, methodology

What you'll get

  • A holistic top-level assessment of your product org and operations health against best-in-class benchmarks.
  • Identified hot-spots which need attention to improve outcomes/efficiencies with holistic definitions and best practice examples
  • Handpicked supportive learning resources
  • Discount for Rocket Academy Product Training for your team/leaders

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