Product Management Consulting with Product Rocket

Product Rocket embeds senior product management consulting resources directly within organisations. Every company works differently so our consultants work remotely & on-site as required. We have product management consulting engagements within Australia and the US. Our Consultants currently lead or support product teams at some of the fastest growing companies. Our Product Management consultants will help you deliver on your product strategy. 

We can also help you define & articulate your product strategy.

Product management consulting engagements typically run for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Our consultants can help you flesh out new initiatives, research, design & launch MVPs. Or simply provide continuity as your internal team members take professional leave or maternity/paternity leave.

Because our consultants are able to run design sprints, facilitate user research, run agile product development sprints & even deliver training. You can leverage our team to facilitate targeted workshops for your product team or your entire organisation. 

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    Some of our current & previous clients:

    Who needs a product management consultant?

    Typically our clients are:

    • In high growth mode. – Scaling quickly & looking to bolster product maturity or capacity? This is a common scenario. Quickly embed a product management consultant to take on a new or existing initiative.
    • Keen to build a product management capability where earlier there was none. Perhaps product was outsourced & the client now wishes to bring it in-house. In this scenario, we can train & then working side by side with the folks who’ll run product after we leave. You may even ask us to evangelize product best practice within your organization. We can do this through lunch-n-learns, workshops, focus groups and more. This ensures the rest of the org knows product’s mission and vision, their purpose and how to work best with them.
    • Moving from waterfall to agile development – our product management consultants can understand your business & customer needs then propose an agile implementation for you. Our product consultants can then work to stand up this framework. We’ll train, produce documentation, set up working groups and even help you to source & recruiting any missing roles as needed.
    Senior Product Management Consultant Mandar Karlekar

    About our approach

    Our approach to product management consulting is collaborative. Our mission is to drive real outcomes that are important to you via our product management consulting engagements. This is why engagements are tailored to your specific needs. 

    Product Rocket consultants have worked across industries including but not limited to – B2B SAAS, B2C SAAS, Fintech, Telco, Data, Security.

    We will work with you to define shared goals for the engagement. There are weekly governance check-ins for the duration of the engagement. Check-ins ensure we’re on track

    Get in touch today for a no obligation discussion about your current challenges & opportunities.