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Product Rocket helped foster a CRO culture*, UX** & SEO*** Improvements creating a centerpiece for business wide conversation and alignment..

Zip Co X Product Rocket 2020
12 Month engagement | Consultant: Mandar Karlekar

*CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

**UX - User Experience

***SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

When a company is growing as fast as Zip Co there are many challenges. As headcount increases, scaling good product teams & good practices is important. Additionally Zip Co operates in a regulated space. One key challenges was reducing friction when onboarding new accounts whilst adhering to regulatory requirements.

The Toolkit


Know thy customer! Qual and Quant research was undertaken to synthesis key insights, understand friction points and regulatory requirements.


On page SEO enhancements improve ranking, click through rate and in-turn the total number of users in the funnel.


A thoughtful Adwords implementation helped us validate which keywords/phrases we should work towards with SEO.


Fostering a culture of AB testing was a huge part of the engagement. AB testing allowed us to double down on what worked and discard what didn’t.

Deliverable: New account growth

Funnel optimization
ToFu – Top of Funnel
Initiatives to increase the total number of people entering the funnel were designed and implemented. Through SEO & AdWords we were able to increase the ‘top of funnel’.

MoFu – Middle of Funnel
At the same time through AB testing, page redesigns and page speed improvements – we were able to increase the conversion rate through the middle of the funnel.

 BoFu – Bottom of Funnel
By talking with users, through qual and quant data analysis, employing AB testing and ensuring each stage of the funnel represented a cohesive, frictionless journey we were able to significantly improve the account creation conversion rate.

Deliverable: Customer understanding

Know Thy Customer!

Over 5000 pieces of customer feedback were received & analysed.

Use the JTBD (Jobs to be done) framework – feedback was translated into succinct descriptions of what Zip Co customers wanted to achieve.

These insights enabled the new account funnel optimization piece to be succesful.

Collaborative product management consulting

What the engagement looked like


Our senior product consultant joined Zip Co as a completely embedded Senior Product Manager. Day to day our product management consultant worked with the head of product as a main point of contact.

The engagement ran for 12 months and achieved the joint goals proposed at the outset in addition to new requirements discovered as the engagement was underway.


Senior Product Management Consultant Mandar Karlekar

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