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From discovery to design and delivery. 
We helped our client Wisr take new products to market and improve product maturity across the organisation.

Product Rocket helped Wisr research, design and deliver new products to market. Taking just 6 months from idea to launch.

Wisr X Product Rocket

6 Month engagement | Consultant: Mandar Karlekar

The Challenge

Perform the Head of Product role for a new and energised team focusing on building great products. Conduct research, find opportunities, ideate on solutions and measure for success. The aim was to build lean, fast and frugal. The purpose was to add value to our customers and the business. Disruptive, innovative and purposeful. Perform the product role whilst uplifting product maturity across the organisation.

The Toolkit


Understand the market, seek out what a good position looks like. Understand viability and the quality of the opportunity. Find the right segments and proceed with focus.


Beautiful UI/UX for a customer centric product. Measure UX metrics and drive delight and engagement. Validate, test and study user interactions to further improve.


Agile delivery. Highest value in the shortest time. Learn from our customers as we continue to build. Prioritise with discipline and purpose. Build the right thing and build it right.


Define measures of success and track, obsessively for growth. Establish baselines and new goals. Experiment and iterate to achieve more.

Deliverable - Part 1

Vision & Strategy

Align business and product objectives towards a single cohesive vision. Define a strategy to achieve it and communicate for alignment and support.

Research & Design
Market research. Understand competition and product positioning. Define price and the willingness to pay. Understand customer needs and wants. Validate and iterate.

Lean & Agile. Viable, Desirable and Feasible. Short sharp iterations backed by continuous discovery and delivery. Adding value to learn and progress towards intended outcomes.

Deliverable: MVP


Laser focused on the segment. Perfectly balanced between delight, function and return on investment. Taking new ideas to market and defining and tracking towards success.

Leading a product oriented organisation and a product that is customer centric to customers with needs and wants. 


Build – Launch – Scale.

What the engagement looked like


Our senior product consultant joined Wisr as a completely embedded Head of Product. Day to day our product management consultant worked with the Chief Product Officer and Chief Strategy Officer as a the main points of contact.

The engagement ran for 6 months and achieved the joint goals proposed at the outset in addition to new requirements discovered as the engagement was underway.


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