Product Rocket helped deliver Customer experience journey mapping & personas creating a centerpiece for business wide conversation and alignment.

Secure Code Warrior X Product Rocket 2020
5 week engagement | Consultant: Mandar Karlekar

The Strategy


Collect internal insights and form a hypothesised journey.



Touchpoints and experiences. Talk to customers. Note what we already know as the hypotheses.

CX Mapping

We then chart the course. Synthesise our research into a journey model.


Visualise a story that creates empathy and understanding.


Let the map guide us to turn pains into opportunities, collaboratively.

Deliverable: CX Mapping


Representing a user’s journey chronologically. Into, within and out of your product.

 Specifically we looked at

Deliverable: Personas

What are personas?
Each persona is a documented representation of your product’s actual or intended users. Importantly, persona descriptions tie back to real data. An outline of the process our Product Rocket Consultant used to define 11 personas, is as follows:
Collaborative product management consulting

What the engagement looked like


Our senior product consultant had several meetings with Secure Code Warriors ahead of an engagement. In these meetings we discussed the organization’s needs, potential approaches, shared goals & what would be achievable in different timelines. 

With an approach and engagement details locked in, our senior consultant partnered up with an internal stakeholder who they would work with for the duration of the engagement. 

The internal stakeholder provides organizational context, contacts & intel while our consultant focusses on rapidly getting up to speed & having the required conversations, workshops, knowledge transfer to facilitate the agreed deliverables.


Senior Product Management Consultant Mandar Karlekar

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