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Product Rocket conducted an audit of the product practice, helped increase product maturity, product management practices & develop a tailored product development process .

PropertyMe X Product Rocket 2022
6 week engagement | Consultant: Paul Alvares

The Strategy


Our consultant observed current ways of working through immersion with the product team at PropertyMe.


Our consultant interviewed Founders, leaders & key staff to build context on the PropertyMe product journey.


Our consultant worked with key stakeholders on a road mapping process.


Based on observations, interviews & product roadmap. Prioritized recommendations were tabled for discussion.


The engagement then focused on actioning recommendations & creating artefacts & processes for the team to continue using.

Deliverable: Observations & Recommendations

Aligning to best practise
Our consultant focused on key areas and provided actionable feedback. Areas of focus included:

Deliverable: Product development process

What is a product development process?

In a sentence – each step required to take a product through from idea to the end customer. The proposed phased process was developed specifically for PropertyMe based on observations, interviews & discussions.

Collaborative product management consulting

What the engagement looked like


Our senior product consultant had 1 in person (back when it was allowed!) and 1 virtual meeting with PropertyMe ahead of the engagement. In these meetings we discussed the organization’s needs, goals of the engagement & what would be achievable in different timelines. 

With an approach and engagement details locked in, our senior consultant began the engagement. 

With weekly check-ins with key stakeholders on top of daily informal conversations over slack – we were able to ensure the engagement was tracking towards delivering as much value as possible in the given timeframe.


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