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Product Rocket has helped many clients audit their product management practices

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The Challenge

Many times, the first engagement we have with a product team is to review/audit their current ways of working. This could be for many reasons including but not limited too:

  • Wanting to improve Agile methods & product management maturity
  • Looking for opportunities to make a good team better
  • Ensure best practices were communicated throughout the organisation
  • Implementing a culture of X*
*Experimentation, Measuring, Goal Setting & more

The Process


Assess and suggest improvements – immediate maturity of product operations


Reports on development strategy. Design, Team Structure, WoW and Operating Rhythm


Propose key areas of improvement, current gaps and suggest an approach on how.

What Product Audits look like

A product consultant from Product Rocket will immerse themselves and observe tools, processes and interactions. This with the aim to assess and report on the current gaps and areas of improvement for you. Note, this process can still be effectively carried out remotely.

Key areas of focus for assessment and audit:

  • Consistency, maturity, understanding and conviction in product approach and practices.
  • Need to demonstrate ‘Proof of Concept’ best practice to prove the benefits to the organisation.
  • Vision, strategy and deployment alignment.
  • Operational planning and execution processes to support vision, strategy and technical development.
  • Resourcing, capacity – Roles & Responsibilities.

The Approach

Immersion and Observation

We’ll get in the trenches with you, develop a deep knowledge of how the business operates today, the drivers for improvement and build a picture of where the biggest gaps and opportunities lie.

  • 1:1’s with team members and stakeholders
  • Observation, shadowing & participation in day-to day
  • Onboarding (company, operational & strategic overview)
Assessment and Reporting

We’ll get the biggest problems out on the table, sort through them and then find and commit to a plan to realise impactful improvement quickly.

  • Present Findings & Recommendations
  • Co-Develop and present an audit + plan
Collaborative product management consulting


  • Assess the overall maturity of Product Management practices
  • Identify and prioritise the most critical areas for improvement
  • Propose quick wins that can be implemented directly by the team
  • Assist the business to develop and commit to a vision and strategy for the shift to product-focused operations
  • Develop a plan/roadmap for broader integration of best practice
  • Improved Product Management skills, methodologies & frameworks in teams
  • Identify organisational pain points limiting team efficiency and autonomy: communication, workflows, roles and responsibilities etc.
  • Implement best practice product processes such as discovery, roadmapping, prioritisation, planning, measurement and assessment in 1 or multiple teams.
  • Develop a concrete action plan with short-term quick wins and longer-term optimisation for team structure, operations and expansion.
  • Develop and commit to vision & strategy awareness and understanding.

Why Product Rocket is the best partner for Audits

We have developed our own assessment methodologies resulting in a deep and accurate analysis of the state of practices of the company. As a result we provide high quality documentation ad-hoc with a positive, realistic and easy to implement action plan.

We've helped the best to level up

We helped and advised companies like HCF, Resmed, Qantas & James Hardie gaining product maturity and competitiveness in the creation, design and development of their digital products. They have entrusted their audit and re-organisation to us.

We work across functions

We have conducted several audits of Product Management practices in multidisciplinary teams, allowing our clients to identify, understand and find effective solutions to fix the most impacting pain points.

Collaborative product management consulting

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