PRIORITISATION: Balancing Product Sense, Stakeholders & Hard Decisions

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Ever wondered how best to handle prioritisation within product development?

Product Rocket co-founders Gavin Rae and Mandar Karlekar got together with Airtasker’s Chief Product Officer Patrick Collins to discuss all things prioritisation in ProductRocket’s latest Q&A session – PRIORITISATION: Balancing Product Sense, Stakeholders, & Hard Decisions.

Product teams are rarely short on good ideas – but how should they prioritise these ideas for development? Gavin, Mandar, and Patrick discuss some vital actionable insights for prioritisation based on their experiences in the industry.

Highlights include:

  • Effective prioritisation comes from a balance of top-down and bottom-up planning to unite executive context and strategy with product teams’ insights into customer needs.
  • Prioritisation also relies on getting everyone in a company to understand how their work contributes to success – “The best product leaders facilitate bridging that gap between understanding… communicating those objectives really well in a manner which brings everyone along on that journey,” says Mandar.
  • Founder-led feature requests should be validated (or invalidated) quickly through a data-led approach – and CEOs should remain open-minded, says Patrick. “If they’re not open-minded or you just get bullied into it, then you’ve become a project manager, not a product manager.”

For even more valuable insights into how product companies can prioritise more effectively, check out the full Q&A below!

Gavin Rae

Gavin Rae

Co-Founder/Managing Director at Product Rocket. We are a consulting company in Digital Product Management and Product Design. We help our customers hone their Product Maturity by working on Product Strategy and Product Organisation along with in-house assignments and training.

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