Building High-Performing, Motivated Scalable Product Teams

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What’s the secret to building a successful and scalable product team?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet for creating the perfect team. But there are plenty of important steps you can take to grow and improve your team and its performance.

Product Rocket co-founders Gavin Rae and Mandar Karlekar sat down with Tobi Heskett, Chief Product Officer at Compono, to discuss some of the most important actionable insights for your team in our October Q&A session: Building High-Performing, Motivated, Scalable Product Teams.

Some of the many nuggets of wisdom from the session include:

  • Keeping teams lean and singularly focused on specific problems is an effective route to better performance, as “too many cooks in the kitchen” with larger teams can overcomplicate development – “When you’re running really lean like this you’re not stepping on each other’s toes,” says Tobi.
  • “Walking the factory floor” is vital, says Mandar – talking to the teams who talk to customers is “just as important as talking to customers directly.”
  • Culture is essential when hiring – “You can teach skills, you can coach skills, you can mentor skills, but from a culture fit, you either have it or you don’t, you can’t teach that kind of thing,” Tobi says.

Building a high-performing and scalable team is vital for success – it’s your route to faster speed-to-market, better products, and a business that can truly grow. To find out more about how you can build your product team, check out the full Q&A below for more expert insights from Gavin, Mandar and Tobi!

Gavin Rae

Gavin Rae

Co-Founder/Managing Director at Product Rocket. We are a consulting company in Digital Product Management and Product Design. We help our customers hone their Product Maturity by working on Product Strategy and Product Organisation along with in-house assignments and training.

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