Top 5 Design Trends You Should Know

The current pandemic has greatly impacted the way we live our lives today, but has also had a huge impact on how we interact with the internet.

Some of the top Design trends in 2021 are dominated by changes brought about by the current global situation. So let’s explore 5 Design trends that we think you should know for this year:


1. The combination of colours used has the potential to hugely improve user experience (UX) whilst using your user interface (UI). A poor colour combination will always turn away users from your design, but this year even more so. Companies should focus on fresh, colourful and bright tones for app designs and websites in order to create a more lively feeling for their brand and play a greater appeal during the times of doom and gloom (lockdowns here’s looking at you!)


2. Relevant and creative images that have a human touch – there is no better way to attract new users to your website or app than using visually striking and creative images. This year especially, any image that shows human interaction or people in general, will increase the value and user experience. The global pandemic has left everyone longing for human connection, hence the preference. However, it is still important that the images you use remain relevant to the content you release. 


3. Sustainability and nature was another hot topic in 2020 (and no doubt for each year to come!) Brands that are environmentally friendly, with the ambition to go green, will regularly run campaigns with themes of sustainability and nature. This year, users are going to be drawn to themes of nature and sustainability after working and staying home for so long during the pandemic. 


4. Design for inclusiveness. Think people, not edge cases. We must take extra care to emphasise when designing and care about the mental and physical abilities of everyone, not just ourselves.


5. Interestingness. More than ever it is advisable that you put delight front and centre of your product pages, websites, and apps. As long as the content remains relevant, have fun with it. Get your website to easily attract attention whilst trying something new for your brand to grow its identity.

If the word ‘pandemic’ represents the year 2020, this year we hope the word ‘recovery’ will be a reflection of 2021.


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