Hire a Product Management Consultant

When to Hire a Product Management Consultant.

Running a business has never been an easy task, and we’ll get straight to the point; hiring a consultant is the help that you need, and at times, may just be the right remedy for your business.

If you need to fine-tune your business strategy, planning, and problem-solving needs, then hiring a Product Management consultant should be on your priority list. Consultancy services can be effective, but they can also be costly. Never hire consultants because of the name or brand and be sure to do your due diligence when selecting one. Consultants should offer information, advice, skills, strategies or techniques, as well as getting the job done. This is particularly effective when the skill being hired for does not exist within your organisation.

I’ve had many discussions with Founders, CEO’s, CPO’s and Heads of Product all of which thought that they needed consultants, but not immediately. Timing is everything – you may feel you don’t need the additional help now, but there will come a time when you still need to outsource that extra assistance which will then inevitably delay the project. Today is definitely better than tomorrow – so don’t procrastinate!

There are different types of Product Management consultants, varying and ranging by skill and in approach, but at Product Rocket, we only hire Product Managers who possess core values and skills in-line with our own, and are at the top of their professional game. Any client must meet the consultant prior to them starting, and we always endeavour to select the best-fit for your organisation. 

Our Product Management consultants will guide you through the process of understanding your market and growing your footprint; we can certainly help to expand your product offerings into new markets. Consultants have a vast knowledge of the product development process and how your business operates and they will help to guide you in making the right decisions and implementing best practices for growth.

Reasons for hiring consultants:

Expertise: Although your company might have the perceived internal resources or skills, hiring a product management consultant to handle some of the more complex tasks ensures product focus remains intact. Sometimes it is easy to lose focus as the team grows/project grows etc. and hiring a consultant to assist can help to save time (and cost!) in the long run.

Idea generation: Having worked across numerous projects within different industries/sectors, consultants bring new ideas to the table and a fresh pair of eyes on your product. You will gain new insights to help your teams solve future and current problems.

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