Pricing Strategy 101

Pricing Strategy Masterclass

The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer and you’re about to clock off for the holiday break… I mean you definitely should, this year has been exhausting!

However, before you reach for that chilled beverage, you owe it to yourself to make sure you start 2021 on the right foot.

Find out how to kick off 2021 with a strategy that could superpower your product’s success!

What would it mean to your product, if your profitability increased by 8%?

Pricing is one of the four4 P’s of the marketing mix, yet often an afterthought for product managers. For startup owners, it may be the difference between succeeding in business or shutting up shop. On Friday 18th December, spend an hour with Irene Liakos and master the art of Pricing Strategy.

Bring your lunch (or chilled beverage of choice) and settle in to a zoom lesson like never before…

From this session, you’ll walk away with:

  • Understanding the subtle art of Pricing and how a small change can have a BIG impact on Profitability.
  • Knowing your customer, their demand for your product and (most importantly), how to measure their Willingness To Pay.
  • Learn what Price Elasticity means and why you should care. Hint… ….it’s critical to getting your pricing right and not leaving money on the table.
  • Know where your Product sits within the Matrix of Competitive Advantage… ….or what your customer’s think your product superpower is relative to your competitors.
  • Then, once you understand this starting point, we’ll explore the different Pricing Strategies available to you……..
  • And how you can use Pricing Psychology to communicate your offer.

Armed with this knowledge, 2021 better watch out, your product success will reach new heights!

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About Irene:

Irene Liakos has been teaching all things product, marketing and pricing strategy for two-2 years.

She has almost 20- years experience in product roles within large cCorporations and sStartups. Customers have physically queued for her products,. hHer products have won global innovation awards and she has even been invited to the Emmys.

Eternally curious, Irene studied Psychology at University of Sydney, holds a Masters in Business & Technology, worked at Telstra, Optus, Melbourne IT, Virgin Mobile, Citibank and her own skincare brand, Kadee Botanicals.

As Product Consultant at Product Rocket, Irene is available to help you implement product best practices and improve your product excellence.  

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